Hi, my name is Patricia Ricetti I am 22 years old and I am the CEO of Ricetti Wear with Purpose. 

I have always wanted to do something that was bigger than me, to contribute in some way that could help others. I feel very fortunate to have a roof on top of my head, food to eat, and clothes that I can wear. I have always been very conscious that not everyone has that...

built from purpose, dedication and love of fashion

Growing up I always loved to express myself in what I would wear, I loved how just changing one outfit to the next you could become this other expression of yourself. And because of all of that once I graduated high school. With the support and help from my family, I decided to open up my own company that was based on my core and values.

My Mission

My purpose for this company Is for people to be able to indulge themselves in things they like. And while doing so, helping others that are not fortunate to do the same. My mission is to help children in Poverty, which is why I partnered up with “Save The Children” organization.

They help children all around the world, by providing health care, food, shelter, and education. They do all that with our help by sponsoring children. I have already contributed myself by sponsoring a beautiful little girl named Chamisa from Niger.

How does this all work, you may ask? For every purchase that is made a portion of the proceeds will be donated to “Save the Children” each month. When you make a purchase you will be informed of how your contribution will impact a child’s life. You will be officially part of the family! Getting updates on our growth and children that we will be sponsoring.

My goal with the help from all of you is to be able to sponsor thousands of children so we can provide them with the proper care and opportunity that many of us are blessed to have. When you buy from us your not only getting quality clothing but your also giving hope to children that need it. I want you to start shopping with a purpose. Join my vision and let's create change one shopping spree at a time.


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